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West End Cast have been announced

The West End cast have now been announced. Denis Grindel makes his West End debut in the leading role as band manager Jimmy Rabbitte. He’ll also be joined by West End star Killian Donnelly as the infamous Deco, and an exciting cast of young newcomers whose talents will soon be discovered when the show opens at the Palace Theatre on 21 September.

Roddy Doyle, who has adapted the show from his original novel, said: “I’ve been sitting in rehearsals, watching these terrific young people becoming The Commitments, and it all makes me very happy and excited. What amuses me most is the fact that only one of them was born when I wrote the novel.”

Check out Brian Gilligan and John McLarnon’s interview with


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Happy Birthday to us!!

The Commitments has now been going for a whole, soulful year! Check out the birthday message from the cast.

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Eric Idle and his guests with cast of The Commitments on Saturday 13 September

Due to sudden illness of the lead, the role of Decco was played by Brian Gilligan who was expecting to open as the part on Tuesday 16 September! Brian magnificently stepped into the shoes of Killian Donnelly on a sold out Saturday night. Eric idle and his guests were blown away by his performance!

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